Live Wallpaper

Here are the different wallpapers that I made. All of their eyes follow you as you move your phone.

Santa Claus

He sees you when you’re texting. He knows when you’re online. This live wallpaper of santa claus is the perfect christmas wallpaper. Santa’s eyes move as you move your phone, so he always knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

QR Code for Santa Claus Live Wallpaper:

QR code

Milton (from office space)

Just put another one up of Milton from Office Space looking for his red swingline stapler.

QR Code for Milton
QR code

Creepy Mona Lisa

Creepy Live wallpaper of Mona Lisa. Her eyes follow you wherever you are. Requires phones with Live Wallpaper capabilities.

Here’s a video of it:

QRCode for Mona Lisa wallpaper

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

I just added this one, and it came out pretty good. Here’s the video:

QR Code for Stay Puft Live Wallpaper:

QR code

Vigo wallpaper

Here’s another one with Vigo from Ghostbusters II. I know, the first movie was much better, but Vigo’s got some creepy eyes.

QR Code for Vigo wallpaper:

Pedobear wallpaper

This is just an innocent bear. Look how happy he is. He’s totally not looking at you while you’re at your most vulnerable. Just trust him.

QR Code for pedobear live wallpaper.

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