The song that goes dun dun dun dun

This isn’t related to android apps or live wallpaper, but I just wanted to do a public service. A couple of days ago, my brother called me up wondering what the name/artist of a particular rap song was. When he described it as being the one that goes dun dun dun dun, I immediately knew what he was talking about, but couldn’t remember the name/artist either.

Shazam didn’t work when I hummed the distinctive part of the song (didn’t really expect it to), and so I turned to google. I was pretty sure the song was from before 2003, because I remember being psyched when they played it in bars during college. I tried searches like “song that goes dun dun dun dun”, “rap song chromatic bass”, and “rap song chromatic baritone”, but nothing worked. Eventually I gave up and my brother found out what the song was through a friend of his.

It turns out that the song is “Simon Says” by the incredible lyricist Pharoahe Monch. I just wanted to post this in the hopes that if you had the song stuck in your head and couldn’t remember what it is, a search for “song that goes dun dun dun dun”, “rap song chromatic bass”, or “rap song chromatic baritone” would result in this post, and your mystery would be solved. You’re welcome.

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8 thoughts on “The song that goes dun dun dun dun”

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I literally googled “song that goes dun dun dun dun” without expecting much, and this is exactly it. You have saved me from going crazy over this.

  2. You’re a fucking life saver. I swore the dude who did this was named Pharakon, but obviously having found your wonderful post I was slightly mistaken. Too bad it too me 3 hours to figure out. Good look.

  3. Yes!!! I just spent half an hour looking searching for this song, hoping that somewhere there would be a post exactly like this. I searched for “Dun dun dun dun” bass. I mis-categorised this as hip-hop instead of rap which led me astray…

    Thank you!

  4. I love you. Just harassed my boyfriend for 30min to figure out what song this is (based on my awesome vocalizations of dun dun dun-DUN) and other than feeling like such a geek for googling “rap song that says dun dun dun dun” I am excited and content and now I can live in peace.

  5. I literally have about 20 tabs open with various insane searches like ‘dun dun dun dun’ ‘bum bum bum bum’ ‘rap song with 4 heavy beats’ and all kinds of stupid shit. I can’t believe I actually found it. Oh man I’ve been laughing for like 5 minutes at this. What are the chances, thank you.

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